Our Accreditations

We are endorsed by several classification agencies to conduct underwater surveys. We follow world recognized health and safety management systems standard by Bureau Vertas.

Reasons for Reliability

Trained Diving Team

We provide services to the Shipping Industry, Port, Dam, Bridge, Power Plant, Salvage, Drilling, Blasting, Marine, NDT,Dredging etc. Our Diving team's understanding of equipment, techniques, & systems required help to deliver our services successfully.


Quality Customer Service

Our commitment to customer service, quality, and safety, has earned us a good name and has set us apart from other commercial diving companies in the country. Our forethought, planning, and attention to detail have made us a leader in the diving industry.



All our divers are certified as commercial PADI Certified divers and maintain all necessary certifications. With our highly trained staff, high-quality equipment, and focus on safety, we can deliver successful outcomes on both small and large-scale projects.