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Our Accreditations

We are endorsed by several classification agencies to conduct underwater surveys. We follow world recognized health and safety management systems standard by Bureau Vertas.


Remote operated vehicles and other technology provides Neel Diving Services more options for achieving tasks efficiently and cost effectively. We use our experience and engineering skills in conjunction with ROV’s to enhance services for our clients.


Neel Underwater operate high quality (ROV) for a range of services like inspections and salvage. Underwater ROV’s are small, portable and rapidly deploy-able.

Advanced Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) technology with high resolution imaging and video capabilities.

It is designed to operate in a restricted type of environment and reduce costs and risk to divers.ROV captures High Definition Video with a forward facing full range tilt camera.

ROV Applications: Tanks, pipelines, valves etc.

Ship Hull surveys.

Pipelines or shafts.

Ship Anchor Recovery & Salvage.

Dam infrastructure, Dam walls, spillways, towers etc.