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Our Accreditations

We are endorsed by several classification agencies to conduct underwater surveys. We follow world recognized health and safety management systems standard by Bureau Vertas.

Underwater Ship Repair

Poke Gauge Measurement.

Neelunderwater provide a variety of underwater inspections services. Inspections are sometimes the main task and are also often included as part of other services. Our underwater photo and video camera systems provide assistance in dark or poor water conditions.

Underwater inspections provide the relevant data required for our clients, engineers and surveyors to review and gain a better understanding of their inspections.

  • Underwater Inspection.
  • Hull Plates
  • Poor cathodic anode protection systems
  • Worn out Anode
  • Dam outlet pipes, valves.
  • Salvage Assessment.
  • Corrosion Assessment.
  • Underwater pipes & cables.