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Our Accreditations

We are endorsed by several classification agencies to conduct underwater surveys. We follow world recognized health and safety management systems standard by Bureau Vertas.

Salvage Operations

140 tons Ferry barge – salvaged.

Salvaging can be a risky operation especially when using specialised air lift bags as the primary means of re-floating an object. We professionally assess and utilise the safest means of raising or extracting an item in all salvage projects thus minimising the risk of damage to the item being salvaged, to the environment and our qualified team of divers.

Salvage of barge 140t tons (Jangkar) in floating position for M/s. KSINC, Cochin (2009).

Another one in 2011 for M/S. Sitara Agencies, Cochin 150 tons vessel named ‘SHILPA’ and Boat House 80 tons with balloons named ‘SMART’. Chisel Salvage from bore holes for many private construction companies. And other construction works like underwater concreting work at sea for effluent pipeline For M/S, Mangalore Refineries & Petroleum Ltd., through M/S. Hydro Air Tectonics Pvt., Ltd., Mumbai Repairing, blanking, airlifting etc for salvage operation M.V. River Princess at Goa for M/S. Jaisu Shipping Salvage of 450 tons dry dock gate – 2016 for Cochin Shipyard Ltd.

Neel Underwater Services will develop a pre-salvage plan before initiating the salvage operation to ensure all assets of the salvage have been accounted for and to ensure all parties involved are aware of the steps involved.

  • Client include.
  • Government Sectors
  • Private Companies.
  • Cochin Shipyard.