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Our Accreditations

We are endorsed by several classification agencies to conduct underwater surveys. We follow world recognized health and safety management systems standard by Bureau Vertas.

Underwater Ship Survey

Ship class surveys are routine inspections of vessels in service. This is a requirement in order to maintain certification with relevant class society standards under which the ship is classified. Class survey inspections check the integrity of the ships hull and underwater parts for safety and seaworthy.

A ship in-water survey is an underwater inspection of the hull and associated parts. Surveys are conducted when the ship is in-water rather than in dry dock (out of the water). In-water surveys are a cost effective alternative to dry docking. Class societies sometimes refer to in-water surveys as ‘Under Water Inspections

Surveying Equipment:

Our divers use handheld underwater photo and video cameras with a quality live feed to the surface. The live feed also provides two way communications between the diver and crew. Digital recording facilities capture all media at the master dive location

  • Underwater Inspection.
  • Hull Plates
  • Propeller Blades
  • Worn out Anode
  • Other